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The mountainous landscape that surrounds the Lake Elsinore Diamond is said to be a home of the mythical creatures known as "Cadejos." Dating back to the late 1800s, with the arrival of the first Spaniards, there have been Cadejo sightings in the area by numerous travelers. In order to traverse the harsh terriain of the Southern California hills of Lake Elsinore, it was believed that the mythical creature known as the Cadejo was the guiding source to safe passage.



Resembling a wolf with heavy white fur, icy blue eyes and hooves for feet, the white Cadejo is known as a spirit of light that guides good-willed travelers while protecting them during their journey. This protective Cadejo is often present around The Diamond, said to be guarding the stadium and its fans while ensuring safe passage to and from the ballpark.


A mischievous black Cadejo is said to have been birthed in response to the protective white one. Its counterpart is adorned with black fur and glowing red soul-capturing eyes that resemble those of the Storm logo. The black Cadejo stalks travelers in the night and is believed to hypnotize you with its gaze, turning your soul dark. Those who survive this encounter are said to never be the same again. If you catch a whiff of a sulfur-like odor, beware. That harsh scent belongs to the black Cadejo. If you hear the clanking sound of metal nearby, that just might be the red-hot chain that decorates the neck of the ill-willed beast. And be careful if traveling under the influence of alcohol, as that makes you a prime target for the black Cadejo.

But, don't fear! The white Cadejo aims to protect Storm fans from the black Cadejo.


This season, the Lake Elsinore Storm will represent both mythical creatures as Cadejos de Lake Elsinore. When the Storm suit up in black, they will hunt the opposing team for a win. When wearing white, the team is protected from defeat. So, whether you cheer for the white or black Cadejos at The Diamond this year, it will not matter. Both are a good omen for the Storm and its fans in the 2019 season.

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